what’s in a name? by Linda Bindner

Ed's note: When we were conceptualizing this blog, we were wondering what to name it. I mentioned this to my friend Don.
He called me the next day from a road trip to tell me that he and his
wife had a ton of names for us. Among the names that didn't make it? Meathook: Letting it all hang out there.

So, you're spending your day idly wondering how in the heck the people
behind the blog called Inkstains ever come up with a such a strange
title for a blog. That's an interesting story. Let me tell you about it:
I was wasting time, traveling in the car, when Jen asked people to try
to help think of names for a new website she was developing.  My
husband and I were driving for a few hours, so we decided to try to
think of some names. I tried to think of anything for a name, but my
imagination was dry. Then I thought of that old television show that is
my current obsession, the New World adaptation of Zorro.
I thought of the episode where the main character is in his hidden
cave, closing the ink pot and replacing the quill on his desk. That
made me think of the movie version of Little Women, with Wynona
Ryder as the main character this time. She was a writer who had
inkstains on her index finger, discovered by Professor Bhaer. Suddenly,
I put the two images from the shows together, and I had a name before I
knew it: Inkstains.

And that's the story.


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